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A Santa Suit Primer

Ok, so you need to look like Santa and you are trying to figure out what you need to do to make this magical transformation. Where do you find a suit? What comes with a Santa suit? What size suit do I need? What should I do about a wig and beard? Are there other accessories that I need? Where do I start? As you can see, there are lots of things you need to consider.

First things first, you need to find a Santa suit. If you know a friend with a Santa suit, you can ask them to borrow it. Of course, they may not want to part with the suit even for a day or two especially if they have many appearances. You could rent a Santa suit but where would you find one? Most local costume and theatrical shops stock several Santa suits that can be rented for a day or the weekend. The prices vary depending on your location but in general you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of about $100 to rent a Santa suit. Most Santa suits that are rented include a Santa wig and beard set but it is best not to assume this is the case. While a rented Santa suit should be fine, you may want to buy your own wig and beard set just for reasons of good hygiene.

Buying a Santa suit may make more sense especially when you consider the costs to rent a Santa suit. Santa suits can be purchased for as little as $50 but Santa suits can also cost more than $500. Your local costume store may sell Santa suits, or as more people are finding out, there are a huge number of web sites on the Internet selling Santa suits. Finding a Santa suit can be as easy as pointing your web browser to a search engine, like Google, Yahoo or MSN and searching for "Santa Suit".

What comes with a Santa suit? Santa suits usually include a Santa coat (jacket), matching pants, hat, belt and boot covers. Some Santa suits include gloves and even a Santa beard. At the very minimum you will need a Santa suit and a Santa wig and beard set unless you have your own natural white beard.

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Santa Wig And Beard Set Primer

Ok, you have your Santa suit and now you need a Santa wig and beard set so that you look like the real thing. What are the options?

If you have your own natural beard you may not need to buy a Santa wig and beard set. Some Santa's actually dye their beard and hair white during November and December. If you do not have your own natural beard you will want to purchase one. Just as Santa suits are available in a huge range of styles, so are Santa wig and beard sets.

The cheapest Santa beards are just cotton and may not include a matching wig. When buying a Santa suit, if the company states that the Santa beard is included with the suit, be aware that this may be a very cheap beard that you will end up replacing anyway with a good quality wig and beard set.

Better quality wig and beard sets come in two pieces. The first piece is the beard that you put on with an elastic band that goes over your ears and around the back of your head. You put the wig on after the beard which covers the elastic band of the beard. The Santa beard almost always has an attached mustache as opposed to a separate mustached. Some Santa beards include a wire on the inside of the mustache so that allows it to be shaped.

Santa wig and beard sets come in two colors, natural and white. Natural wig and beard sets are white but have a barely noticeable grayish tint that make the wig and beard look very natural. No wig and beard set is as good as a natural beard but the better quality sets look much better than the cheap sets.

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Santa Suit Accessories Primer

There are many Santa accessories available that can help you complete your look. All you really need is the Santa suit and a Santa wig and beard set (unless you have a natural Santa beard). Some accessories are inexpensive and can really top off your suit like Santa glasses or a Santa belly stuffer to give that jolly look.

The top three Santa accessories most Santa's add are Santa glasses, Santa belly stuffer and Santa's toy bag. If you already wear glasses you may be able to just wear your own glasses. Santa glasses usually come in two styles, round and rectangular. If you are a Santa who needs glasses you may want to choose some round gold metallic frames the next time you get your prescription updated. If you wear reading glasses you might be able to find some that are rectangular. The inexpensive glasses sold by most companies that sell Santa suits have just plain glass or plastic lenses so they will work for those that do not wear prescription glasses.

The Santa glasses that are sold by Santa suit stores are usually very inexpensive at just five or six dollars but they are also fragile and do not take the beating that regular prescription glasses do. Most prescription glasses are custom fitted while the Santa glasses you buy are one size fits all. Even if you do not wear prescription glasses but need glasses that can hold up you may want to consider getting actual prescription glasses with non-magnifying lenses. Nine out of ten Santa's choose the rectangular glasses but some still prefer round glasses.

Santa belly stuffers are worn under the Santa jacket to give that authentic Santa look. If you are built naturally jolly, you may not need a Santa suit stuffer at all. There are no hard and fast rules about the size of Santa's stomach, the official Santa specification only says "jolly". There are no dimensions given in the literature

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