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Ok, so you need to look like Santa and you are trying to figure out what you need to do to make this magical transformation. Where do you find a suit? What comes with a Santa suit? What size suit do I need? What should I do about a wig and beard? Are there other accessories that I need? Where do I start? As you can see, there are lots of things you need to consider.

First things first, you need to find a Santa suit. If you know a friend with a Santa suit, you can ask them to borrow it. Of course, they may not want to part with the suit even for a day or two especially if they have many appearances. You could rent a Santa suit but where would you find one? Most local costume and theatrical shops stock several Santa suits that can be rented for a day or the weekend. The prices vary depending on your location but in general you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of about $100 to rent a Santa suit. Most Santa suits that are rented include a Santa wig and beard set but it is best not to assume this is the case. While a rented Santa suit should be fine, you may want to buy your own wig and beard set just for reasons of good hygiene.

Buying a Santa suit may make more sense especially when you consider the costs to rent a Santa suit. Santa suits can be purchased for as little as $50 but Santa suits can also cost more than $500. Your local costume store may sell Santa suits, or as more people are finding out, there are a huge number of web sites on the Internet selling Santa suits. Finding a Santa suit can be as easy as pointing your web browser to a search engine, like Google, Yahoo or MSN and searching for "Santa Suit".

What comes with a Santa suit? Santa suits usually include a Santa coat (jacket), matching pants, hat, belt and boot covers. Some Santa suits include gloves and even a Santa beard. At the very minimum you will need a Santa suit and a Santa wig and beard set unless you have your own natural white beard.

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Some of the cheapest Santa suits are usually made of fleece but the better quality suits are typically made of either velvet or plush. Plush is a Santa suit industry term that refers to the longer hair fur like material that most Santa suits are made from. It is often referred to as faux rabbit fur. The plush can be made of different materials but most are made from some form of polyester. The best quality plush suits can be very expensive. The cost of the actual plush material is main driver for the price you will pay for the suit. Plush suits tend to be the warmest to wear.

Velvet suits also come in many different qualities and styles. Velvet is a shorter length material but is usually trimmed in white plush fur. Real velvet is usually made of cotton but can also be made of polyester or even silk! Real velvet Santa suits are usually expensive. Velveteen, velour and panne velvet are a less expensive velvet like materials that can give the look of velvet without the price. There are also Santa suits made of corduroy but plush fur and velvet are what most Santa suits are made of.

A good moderately priced Santa suit has a zipper in the jacket that zips up the front. Cheap Santa suits may not have a zipper in the jacket at all. For these suits the jacket is put on over-the-head and tied in the back. Good quality suits have a zippered coat and some Santa suits keep the front closed with brass buttons for a more classic look.

A nice satin lining can make a Santa suit easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. The better quality suits are fully or at least partially satin lined. Low and moderately priced Santa suits are almost never lined.

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Usually, the more you pay for a suit the more pockets there are in the pants and jacket. The cheapest suits sometimes do not have pockets at all while the premium suits can have two or more pockets in the pants and may have pockets on the inside of the jacket as well.

Some Santa suits have pockets on the outside of the jacket but most Santa suits do not. The one problem with pockets on the outside of the jacket is that they may make the belt ride higher on the chest. Outside pockets are good to fill with candy canes.

The better quality Santa suits usually come with a leather belt and leather boot tops while the less expensive Santa suits include a belt and boot tops that are made of vinyl. The size and quality of the belt buckle usually goes up with the more expensive Santa suits. The belts are sized so that they fit through the belt loops in the coat.

Boot tops are just what the name implies, they are the boots that do not included soles. You put these on before your shoes and the boot tops slide down over the top of your shoes giving the appearance of boots.

Boot covers that come with a Santa suit have a plush lining attached to the top of them and the Santa pants legs fit down into the boot tops. Santa pants do not have this white plush lining so if you are using regular boots with your Santa suit you may notice that there is no plush at the top of the boots. Actual Santa boots are also available that have a plush lining at the top of the boot but they are more expensive and do not come with the suit.

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Santa suits come in many sizes ranging from an adult large to XXXL sizes. The way to figure out which size Santa suit you need is to start with your chest size or jacket size. Since the jacket usually drops down to the waist or below it is the most important measurement.

Almost all Santa pants are held up with an elastic band that will expand out to the width of the coat at the waist. For the most expensive suits this elastic is very high quality and is probably not what you are thinking of when you think of the elastic that holds the pants up. Some Santa suit stores sell Santa suspenders, which can also help, hold up the pants but regular suspenders can be used as long as they have large clips. Santa suits are usually baggy which is why a given Santa suit can fit a large range of sizes.

Santa suits are made with a lot of flexibility when it comes to height. Most Santa suits will fit a range of from 5'4" to 6'4". The jacket hangs lower below the hips on a short person and it hangs at about where the hips are on a taller person.

Since the pants are made to be baggy the difference in the length of the wearers legs can be as much as 8" for the same pair of pants. If you are shorter you can pull the pants up higher over the belly since the coat would hide this. If you are taller you can just pull the pants up to your waist to lengthen the legs. Santa pants need to go a little further down than the middle of the shin. The Santa boots should come up to just above the middle of the shin. Santa pants are often baggy at the point that they reach the boot tops.

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Large Santa suits usually fit a chest size of 42 to 48 inches. Extra Large Santa suits (XL) fit a chest size of 50 to 56 inches. XXL Santa suits fit a chest size of 58 to 62 inches and the XXXL Santa suits fit 64 to 70 inches when you can find them. When considering Santa suit sizes some suits run true to size but some Santa suits run very large. It is best to ask if the suit runs very large before ordering if you are on the border of one size to the next larger size.

Most Santa suit manufacturers do not offer tall or short suit versions. If you do need a Santa suit for an extra tall or extra short person, you may need to get this custom made. Custom made Santa suits are normally not made from plush because most taylor's sewing machines cannot handle fabric as thick as plush. Velvet works great but even velvet suits normally have white plush trim.

When buying a Santa suit you should consider that most Santa suits last for many years and some are even handed down through families from one generation to the next. The initial price for a better quality suit may seem high but you should probably take into account the costs over many years.

Almost all Santa suits are dry clean only. You will want to remember this because if you wash the suit in a normal washing machine, the red color will likely run into the white trim and ruin the suit.

We will have another article on Santa wig and beard sets as well as eyebrows and mustaches so check back soon!

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