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Ok, you have your Santa suit and now you need a Santa wig and beard set so that you look like the real thing. What are the options?

If you have your own natural beard you may not need to buy a Santa wig and beard set. Some Santa's actually dye their beard and hair white during November and December. If you do not have your own natural beard you will want to purchase one. Just as Santa suits are available in a huge range of styles, so are Santa wig and beard sets.

The cheapest Santa beards are just cotton and may not include a matching wig. When buying a Santa suit, if the company states that the Santa beard is included with the suit, be aware that this may be a very cheap beard that you will end up replacing anyway with a good quality wig and beard set.

Better quality wig and beard sets come in two pieces. The first piece is the beard that you put on with an elastic band that goes over your ears and around the back of your head. You put the wig on after the beard which covers the elastic band of the beard. The Santa beard almost always has an attached mustache as opposed to a separate mustached. Some Santa beards include a wire on the inside of the mustache so that allows it to be shaped.

Santa wig and beard sets come in two colors, natural and white. Natural wig and beard sets are white but have a barely noticeable grayish tint that make the wig and beard look very natural. No wig and beard set is as good as a natural beard but the better quality sets look much better than the cheap sets.

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A Santa wig is normally sewn to a wig cap. Previously many Santa wigs had a silk cap sewn beneath the wig. Now, most wig caps are made of a netting which keeps the wig cooler on your head. You may want to consider putting on a separate wig cap before you put the wig on. This makes it easier to make sure all of your hair is neatly tucked away as well as making the wig easier to put on and take off.

If you are using a white or natural Santa wig and beard set, but your hair is not gray or white, you may want to consider coming up with a solution to make your eyebrows match the wig. Some Santa wig and beard sets include matching stick-on eyebrows but most do not. Inexpensive stick-on eyebrows can usually be purchased but don't expect to use them more than once so you may want to get two or more pairs. These are normally under $5 a pair.

There are more expensive deluxe eyebrows that are made of the same material as the wig and beard but the trick with these is that they do not stick by themselves. If you buy these you also buy some spirit gum which is an adhesive for sticking the eyebrows to your forehead. While your at it you can use the spirit gum to adhere the mustache to your upper lip. Most sets of spirit gum come with spirit gum remover which helps you get the sticky spirit bum off of your forehead and lip.

Probably the easiest solution for eyebrows is to use eyebrow sticks. There are sticks with white makeup that you brush over your own eyebrows. They help to color your darker eyebrows and the great thing about these is you do not have to worry about them falling off like the stick on or glue on eyebrows. If your Santa beard has bangs that hang down over your eyebrows you may not need anything on the at all.

Historically Santa wig and beard sets were made of either dyed horse tail hair or human hair. Today Santa wig and beard sets are usually made of either Teviron or Kanekalon. Teviron is a synthetic filament invented by the Teijin company and is used for making clothing and other textiles as well as wig and beard sets. Kanekalon is a modacrylic fiber manufactured by the Kaneka company and is the choice of many wig manufacturers today. Cheaper sets may be made of other synthetic materials but most sets today are either Teviron or Kanekalon.

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Most quality Santa wig and beard sets come with a thin netting to store the wig and beard in. This keeps all of the hairs together and prevents stragglers from being caught on something. Never lay anything on the wig and beard set while it is in storage. If the wig and beard set is compressed it may not hold the correct shape.

It is recommended that you put the wig and beard set into the netting and then place the whole thing inside a plastic or Tupperware box that is the size of a shoe box or slightly smaller. This will keep any unwanted guest from taking up residence in your set while it is stored for the year.

The wig and beard sets should not be stored in extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. The humidity should not be too high or damp. If the temperature feels comfortable to you it will probably be fine for the wig and beard set.

Since the Santa wig comes into contact with your hair and the beard comes into contact with your mouth hygiene is very important. Santa wig and beard sets should not be shared among different people. Some Santa's who lend their suit to friends, buy two wig and beard sets. One for themselves and one to lend out to friends with the suits.

Some Santa wig and beard sets are washable and others are not. Make sure if you are washing your set that you follow the instructions that come on the package or tag. Wig and beards are very delicate and if you were just to wash them in a washing machined they would likely just turn into a big ball of fuzz. Most washable sets are to be washed by hand only and not in a machine. You will also want to hang dry these and not put them into a washing machine.

If your wig and beard set is washable but you have lost the instructions, the following ones should work.

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Washing Your Santa Wig And Beard Set

  • Fill a sink or basin with cold water (Never use hot or warm water)
  • Add about one ounce of quality shampoo or synthetic hair cleanser to the water
  • Agitate the water to evenly mix the shampoo with the water
  • First gently dip the wig in the water and shampoo mixture
  • Repeat the dipping several times but do not shake or wring wig as this could damage the wig
  • Allow the wig to remain in solution for several minutes
  • Gently agitate the wig to make sure there is no shampoo sticking the hairs to themselves
  • Drain the water solution
  • Completely rinse wig in gently flowing cold water
  • Remove the wig and position on a towel rack or bathtub edge or hook where it can dry
  • Allow the wig to completely drip and air dry
  • Be careful not to stretch wig cap while drying
  • Repeat this process with the beard set
  • After completely dry store the wig and beard set so that nothing is compressing it
  • A plastic bin with a lid the size of a shoe box works well for storage of both pieces

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