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There are many Santa accessories available that can help you complete your look. All you really need is the Santa suit and a Santa wig and beard set (unless you have a natural Santa beard). Some accessories are inexpensive and can really top off your suit like Santa glasses or a Santa belly stuffer to give that jolly look.

The top three Santa accessories most Santa's add are Santa glasses, Santa belly stuffer and Santa's toy bag. If you already wear glasses you may be able to just wear your own glasses. Santa glasses usually come in two styles, round and rectangular. If you are a Santa who needs glasses you may want to choose some round gold metallic frames the next time you get your prescription updated. If you wear reading glasses you might be able to find some that are rectangular. The inexpensive glasses sold by most companies that sell Santa suits have just plain glass or plastic lenses so they will work for those that do not wear prescription glasses.

The Santa glasses that are sold by Santa suit stores are usually very inexpensive at just five or six dollars but they are also fragile and do not take the beating that regular prescription glasses do. Most prescription glasses are custom fitted while the Santa glasses you buy are one size fits all. Even if you do not wear prescription glasses but need glasses that can hold up you may want to consider getting actual prescription glasses with non-magnifying lenses. Nine out of ten Santa's choose the rectangular glasses but some still prefer round glasses.

Santa belly stuffers are worn under the Santa jacket to give that authentic Santa look. If you are built naturally jolly, you may not need a Santa suit stuffer at all. There are no hard and fast rules about the size of Santa's stomach, the official Santa specification only says "jolly". There are no dimensions given in the literature…

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If you are thin you may want to consider a Santa suit stuffer. Some try just using a pillow but these can shift and can really be embarrassing if they fall out when you stand up. Just like Santa suits, Santa suit stuffers come in many different qualities. The cheaper suits just use a string tie that goes around you neck and your back. The good quality Santa stuffers are put on over-the-head and fit like a vest. The good Santa bellies are comfortable to wear and they do not bind at pressure points. A good Santa suit stuffer can make appearances that are hours long more bearable.

Santa suit stuffers have a batting material in the stomach that gets thicker going down to the waist. This gives the Santa suit a natural look instead of being bunched at the top of the chest. The better Santa suit stuffers are also sewn at several points in the stomach so that the batting material does not shift inside the stuffer. Santa suit stuffers generally come in two colors, red and white. Most Santa suit stuffers are red but if you may have a need for a larger belly for some other costume white make be a good choice.

Most of the time when Santa makes an appearance he is toting presents or at least candy canes. In these instances a toy bag may be called for. If you are really strapped for funds, a pillowcase or other sack will work but it generally looks better if Santa shows up with a toy bag that was made just for him.

Santa toy bags come in many different prices and styles. Some have designs and some are just plain. All toy bags should have a drawstring to close the top and give Santa something to hold on to. Santa toy bags come in velvet, red plush, crimson plush and other styles. You may want to match the material used in the toy bag to your Santa suit. If you have a velvet Santa suit you may want a velvet toy bag but matching the suit is not critical.

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Most Santa toy bags are just a little bit larger than a pillow case so you may want to purchase two or more bags depending on your needs. Very large toy bags are hard to find so if you want a very large toy bag it may need to be custom made. Very large stockings of four or five feet long can also be used as a toy bag if needed. Be aware that the very large stockings and toy bags may not be strong enough to hold a lot of weight. So if you use one of these, be careful. If you have a lot of coal to deliver, the stocking may not be able to take the weight.

There are other Santa accessories you may want to consider to upgrade your Santa suit or just replace worn out pieces. All most all Santa suits come with Santa boot tops. These are boots with out soles. You put then on before your shoes and the boot tops slide down over your regular shoes. The boot coves give the appearance of boots without the expense. All most all Santa suits do not have the white plush trim at the bottom of the pants. This trim is usually sewn on to the top of the boot covers. When you buy a Santa suit the trim on the boot tops generally matches the trim on the Santa suit. The boot covers also match the belt. If the belt is vinyl then the boot tops generally are too.

If your boot covers are vinyl, damaged or lost you may want to replace them with new boot covers. Boot covers are usually either made of vinyl or naugahyde leather. The naugahyde boot tops will hold up much better than vinyl. Better Santa suits come with naugahyde leather boot covers instead of vinyl. If your Santa suit is in good shape but you just need new boot tops most costume stores or web sites sell the boot tops by themselves.

If you do not like the look of boot tops, you can upgrade to actual Santa boots. Santa boots are real boots and are not worn on top of your shoes like boot tops. They are worn in place of your shoes and the boot tops.

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The most distinguishing feature of Santa boots is the plush trim top so that the Santa boots look like they were made to go with the Santa suit. Santa boots normally cover a range of sizes. For instance, shoe size 10 and 11 being a medium and shoe size 12 and 13 being a large. They are not sold in as small of increments as regular boots. Santa boots also normally have more room at the calf because they are meant to have the Santa pants stuffed down inside them. Santa boots have a zipper on the side to make getting them on and off easier.

You can also use your own black boots as Santa boots. They will probably need a plush top added to them for the correct look but many Santa's just use regular black boots and forgo the plush boot tops. Most people, and more importantly children, will not notice the difference. Some costume shops sell just the plush top that can be put on top of your own boots but these can be hard to find.

All Santa suits come with a Santa belt. Santa belts like boot tops come in either vinyl, naugahyde leather or patent leather. Because Santa suits are large and a may be worn with a belly stuffer the belts are really large too. If you are replacing your Santa belt make sure you get one that will fit your suit. Santa belts come in sizes that fit large Santa suits and sizes that fit XL and XXL Santa suits. Santa belts are also much wider than regular belts so make sure the Santa belt you buy will fit the loops on your Santa coat.

Vinyl Santa belts are generally less expensive than leather Santa belts. Santa belts come with a large buckle and gilt eyelets. The size and quality of the buckle can also have a lot to do with the cost of the suit. A very large shiny decorative buckle looks better than a small dull buckle. Again the important thing is to get one made for your size suit. The store where you purchased your Santa suit can problem point to a belt that will fit the suit.

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Santa belts usually go around the coat and are not made to hold up the Santa pants. Santa pants have a high quality elastic band built into the top of the pants so that they stay up. Santa suspenders are also available to help hold up the Santa pants. Santa suspenders are normally red and wide with metal clips that grip onto the front and back of the Santa pants. They are adjustable to give the correct fit. If Santa will be taking off his jacket, Santa suspenders are usually expected to be under the coat.

While most Santa suits now come with a pair of white Santa gloves, this will probably be the item you replace the most often. The white gloves get dirty easily and the dirt can be difficult to remove. It is usually a good idea to buy at least one extra pair of Santa gloves since they are inexpensive. Santa gloves come in knit cotton and more expensive nylon. If you will be outside for a while, thick knit cotton gloves will keep your hands warmer. If indoors, nylon gloves work better for picking up items like candy canes and may be a little cooler to wear. Some Santa gloves include a snap at the wrist to make the gloves more secure. If you loose one item, a glove is the most likely. Always make sure you have an extra pair.

The final Santa accessory is a nice set of Santa bells. Nothing builds a child's excitement like hearing the bells of Santa's sleigh outside. Santa bells can either be on a small wrist strap to free up your hands, a larger leather strap with large loud bells or just a single hand held brass bell. It really depends on where Santa will be making appearances.

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